Power ECigs- Powered Flavors

Have you ever considered switching to electronic cigarettes? Did you know that they are cheaper and better  than smoking a regular cigarette? They also give you the freedom of smoking in places that regular cigarettes are not allowed because all they expel is water vapor. When you inhale with an electronic cigarette all you inhale is a mixture of nicotine and water vapor as opposed to all the chemicals and tobacco in a traditional cigarette.ecig-how-it-works


If this sounds good than you should consider Power E-Cigs. Making the switch is easy and simple and with all these benefits why wouldn’t you? Power E-Cigs have the same size and look as a traditional cigarette and have a rechargeable battery. There is no need to turn them on or off because they have a built in sensor which activates when you inhale. If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your smoking experience or just want to try something new the Power E-Cigs flavored cartridges are perfect for you. They come in 6 delicious flavors including menthol, vanilla, cappuccino, cherry, and blueberry and still contain the same amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette. If you prefer the traditional taste they are also available in a classic tobacco flavor. These cartridges not only make smoking more fun they are also very affordable. One pack of cartridges only costs $14.95 and is equivalent to the same amount of smoking as 2 – 2.5 traditional cigarette packs would offer. Power E-Cigs also offer a cartridge home delivery service providing you with an even more easy and convenient way to enjoy all your favorite flavors.


Still not convinced the Power E-Cig is right for you? The Power E-Cig Express Starter Kit includes the smallest and lightest e-cig, a USB charger, a Minimax Rechargeable Battery, a Flip Top carrying case, and two FLEX Tip Refill Cartridges (1 menthol and 1 tobacco flavored) for you to try. As if this wasn’t enough it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Optimize your smoking experience with a healthier and more affordable Power E-Cig, the #1 electronic cigarette, and the Power E-Cig Flavor Cartridges.

Shop and check out all the Power E-Cig Products at wwww.powerecigs.com where you’ll have a pleasant and secure shopping experience. For more information call, toll free and 7 days a week, 800-632-8592.