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10 Reasons to Switch

More and more smokers are switching from the traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is non-flammable and is an innovative fix to the problem of taking in nicotine, and avoiding exposure to the toxic chemicals in tobacco. The electronic cigarette is an alternative to the traditional cigarette that allows the smoker to take in a vaporized form of nicotine. There is zero smoke involved when smoking an electronic cigarette. According to Web MD, the CDC reports that electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, contain a lot less toxins that traditional cigarettes. Not only are e-cigarettes more healthy, they end up saving a lot more money because they are reusable. They are also more accepted to smoke in public, and can be smoked in a lot more areas than the traditional cigarette. 

Our Electronic Cigarette Flavor Cartridges - Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Blueberry

Many smokers would love to try e-cigarettes, but do not know where to find a quality brand. is one of the premiere sites for the electronic cigarette. offers some of the highest quality ecigs for great prices. The electronic cigarette comes in a large variety of flavors. These flavors are the richest and darkest tobacco flavors on the market. Some of the flavors that can be purchased are vanilla, coffee, blueberry, chocolate, and menthol. The classic flavor can also be purchased and is a favorite of many of the customers. There is even a savings calculator on the website. By entering the number of cigarettes your smoke a day, you will be able to see how much you will start to save by using the e-cigarette. 

It is recommended that those who have never tired electronic cigarettes before purchase The Power Electronic Cigarette starter kit from the website. This starter kit will give you everything you need to enjoy your first, electronic, cigarette the right way. The kit will make it easy for you to enjoy the experience because of the products that are included in the kit. The kit comes with a rechargeable battery, as well as wall and USB chargers. There are also seven different nicotine cartridges that come in the kit. A carrying case, and a box to display your cigarette is also included. There is an instruction manual of twenty pages that will give you almost any information you need about your electronic cigarette. This kit will be your first step in enjoying your new lifestyle.

The Buyer’s Power Guide

Different types of E-Cigarettes – Buyers Guide

You might have heard about electronic cigarettes, but might be wondering what types of e-cigs are available on the market, and which of them is best to get. Actually, electronic cigarettes can be further subdivided into three categories: disposable cigarettes, refillable cigarettes, and voltage variable cigarettes. Let’s have a close look at each one of them.

Disposable electronic cigarettes

These e-cigs are the ones that you would probably see the most. They look exactly like traditional cigarettes and have a glowing LED on their end. You can buy extra cartridges for them from the online stores. This is the best device if you want to get the feel of an e-cig. Just open them up and suck like normal cigarettes. Some of them can be recharged by replacing their cartridge.

The main issue with these devices is that their battery life is short, so it runs out quickly. The vapor and performance is poor and short lasting. You will have to replace the cartridge frequently and it can be expensive. These issues add up and many people eventually switch to refillable e-cigs.

Refillable electronic cigarettes

The refillable e-cig is a best device for an average user. It allows you to refill easily with an inexpensive e-juice. There are also hundreds of flavors you can try. In a refillable e-cig kit, you will get two e-cigs instead of one. When one e-cig is charging you have another available.

The batteries of these e-cigs also last longer and they work much better. They also provide lot more vapor and need replacement far less often. These kits are great for beginners.

Advanced electronic cigarettes

These are advanced models that are mainly aimed at current users interested in maximum performance from their e-cigs. You can easily change power of these e-cigs, which create more vapor. You can also measure their resistance and can use larger batteries for supporting increased power consumption.

These e-cigs are not for a first time user as they are more expensive than other models. The kit usually comes with bundles and with everything you need to get started and is packed with features.

E-liquid or E-juice

Once you’ve found the perfect e-cig, it is all about finding the best e-juice or e-liquid to go with. Most of the rechargeable e-cigs can be easily refilled with flavored liquid. There are hundreds of exciting flavors and choices of nicotine strengths, you get both pleasure and choice never possible with tobacco cigarettes.

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Happy Valentines Day

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On Valentines’ Day take your love life back with the ability to be ashtray smell free. You don’t’ have to smell like you have been in a club or stuck on  a the pipe in a factory line. Wasting bottles of perfume daily to cover up for that afterwards smell. You are paying double. You pay for the cigarette you smoke for the perfume you used and for the strongest mint gum you had to buy to be able to get near people. Does that sound like a regular routine for you.If so, you don’t have to anymore.

Valentines Day Cover

The Power Electronic Cigarette gives you your freedom back. You have the Power to choose what you smoke. We don’t limit you. If you decide you need a little extra help to get rid of that pungent smell you are left behind with after a smoke. Try our Power Electronic Cigarette. Choose what you smell like. Don’t let that cigarette take control of your appearance and body odor.

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Smell like you just had a vanilla flavored ice cream or a river of cherries.It is your choice!

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A Power Electronic Cigarette is one of the best produced smoking alternative products on the market. The Power E-Cig acts like a regular tobacco cigarette, but without the carcinogens, the flames and the offensive odor. Power E-Cigs offers smokers and consumers a real alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Smoking not only has detrimental effects to your health but also pollutes the air all of us breathe. All through the process of combustion.With our dual technology, switching to electronic cigarettes you create less pollution in our planet too.  

Start using the power e-cig and embrace the POWER to change your lifestyle.

Now your special person can kiss you anytime. You do not have to feel embarrassed any longer. Enjoy flavors from minty menthol, dark chocolate goodness and even classic vanilla.Check out our website for our variety of flavors. Visit us at www. .We  offer great deals you can share with that very special being that makes you sparkle when they are near.

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 Don’t forget to make this special day a one to remember. Kiss Your Ashtray Smell G-o-o-d-B-y-e!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Power E Cig

Do you have the Power

start today!If you are tired of the social stigma, and expense involved with smoking traditional cigarettes, you may want to seriously consider making the switch to electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is an inexpensive and more socially acceptable way to smoke, and you can find a great electronic cigarette starter kit at

The Power Electronic Cigarette starter kit comes with all the essentials you will need to begin your life as an electronic smoker. If you try the Power Electronic Cigarette starter kit and find that it does not work for you, you can return it for a full refund. Chances are, though, you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are fed up with buying endless packs of expensive cigarettes that you can’t even smoke anywhere, you need to visit and check out the Power Electronic Cigarette starter kit. The Power Electronic Cigarette will help make smoking the pleasurable experience it once was.

Make the Switch, The Power Is In Your Hands!


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Power E-Cigs: A Novel Approach to Smoking

Enjoying smoking is a novelty custom that continues across the globe after thousands of years. And while tradition has presented and offered classical smoking methods, a new era is afoot. is spearheading efforts in the twenty-first century, pioneering its product line of e-cigarettes. Power E-Cigarettes are widely accepted socially, precisely because they emit a vapor like smoke; an exciting and innovative way to enjoy your smoking experience.

Power E Cig Easy Starter Kit

Power E Cig’s Easy Starter Kit

Our novel electronic cigarettes offer the tranquility and convenience that is simply unmatched by traditional smoking methods. Each Power E-Cig is fitted with the capacity to adjust the amount of vapor, a design that will enhance and diversify your smoking experience. You need not look further than as their array of e-cigarettes, additional accessories, and premier customer support are experts in smoking and smoking apparatuses.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

According to the Center for Disease Control, CDC, in the year 2010-2011 more traditional smokers tried e-cigarettes than abstained, in fact “in both 2010 and 2011, e-cigarette use was significantly higher among current smokers compared to both former and never smokers.”  The electronic cigarette is a recent innovation having only debuted in 2007. Yet the contiguous vitality of e-cigs is perhaps among their defining features as they yield greater savings than traditional smoking products. () Thus, electronic cigarettes will remain durable and an everyday part of your smoking routine, saving you time and cash.

How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke a day? 3

How much do you pay for a pack of cigarettes? $8.00

 Electronic cigarettes are composed of three main components. First, is a small heater that receives signals from a tiny microprocessor and sensor, inbuilt, which regulates the flow of vapor. Second, is a simple cartridge, filled with nicotine, located near the mouthpiece. Finally, a small battery powers the heater, microprocessor, and sensor, as well as an LED light located at the tip of the e-cigarette. The nicotine in each cartridge offers a unique blend of tastes that parallels or exceeds the traditional products, including “regular”, “menthol”, and literally hundreds of other choices. The vapor turns white when exhaled regardless of which flavor you choose. It is truly an innovative product and a sharp new way to enjoy your time smoking. is your one stop shop for all your e-cigarette questions and needs. There has never been a better time to make the switch and with endless options you can customize your e-cig to fit your smoking routine.

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