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The amazing Power Electronic Cigarette

I have got to rave about  electronic cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are known as the Power Electronic Cigarette. I find it mind blowing that they can be used indoors allowing smokers to smoke when and wherever they wish. You don’t have to go out into the rain, sleet, or snow to get your nicotine fix. With the Power Electronic Cigarette you can get this fix whenever and where ever you want. Your wish is Power Electronic Cigarette’s command.


What is even better is that the Power Electronic Cigarettes don’t need to be turned on or off, the Power Electronic Cigarette activates when it is inhaled, then turns off when not in use. This means that you don’t need to worry about the Power Electronic Cigarette running out of power at an insane rate. An added bonus to the Power Electronic Cigarette is that the lithium-ion batteries are shipped with an 80% charge so you don’t have to charge it the first time you use it! As soon as you get your e-cig, you can fill her up and go.

These batteries are made to last for about 410 charges (that is about one year’s worth of use), and lasts approximately 400 puffs per charge. This is roughly equivalent to a jaw dropping 33 cigarettes. To keep your cigarette charged, you can charge whenever is convenient for you. You can even charge your Power Electronic Cigarette overnight! This is a fantastic idea.


Electronic Cigarette is the leading alternative to smoking cigarettes. The electronic cigarette smoker inhales water and nicotine solution. The liquid solution contains USP Grade propylene glycol, USP Grade vegetable glycerin, nicotine and other flavorings. In comparison to traditional cigarettes, Power Electronic Cigarette is a great alternative to all the toxins, chemicals, and carcinogens found in traditional tobacco. They offer 4 nicotine levels for smokers who want to decrease levels over time. Those are full strong (20 MG), light (15 MG), ultra-light (10MG), and zero (0MG).

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