10 Reasons to Switch

More and more smokers are switching from the traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is non-flammable and is an innovative fix to the problem of taking in nicotine, and avoiding exposure to the toxic chemicals in tobacco. The electronic cigarette is an alternative to the traditional cigarette that allows the smoker to take in a vaporized form of nicotine. There is zero smoke involved when smoking an electronic cigarette. According to Web MD, the CDC reports that electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, contain a lot less toxins that traditional cigarettes. Not only are e-cigarettes more healthy, they end up saving a lot more money because they are reusable. They are also more accepted to smoke in public, and can be smoked in a lot more areas than the traditional cigarette. 

Our Electronic Cigarette Flavor Cartridges - Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Blueberry

Many smokers would love to try e-cigarettes, but do not know where to find a quality brand. Powerecigs.com is one of the premiere sites for the electronic cigarette. Powerecigs.com offers some of the highest quality ecigs for great prices. The electronic cigarette comes in a large variety of flavors. These flavors are the richest and darkest tobacco flavors on the market. Some of the flavors that can be purchased are vanilla, coffee, blueberry, chocolate, and menthol. The classic flavor can also be purchased and is a favorite of many of the powerecigs.com customers. There is even a savings calculator on the website. By entering the number of cigarettes your smoke a day, you will be able to see how much you will start to save by using the e-cigarette. 

It is recommended that those who have never tired electronic cigarettes before purchase The Power Electronic Cigarette starter kit from the website. This starter kit will give you everything you need to enjoy your first, electronic, cigarette the right way. The kit will make it easy for you to enjoy the experience because of the products that are included in the kit. The kit comes with a rechargeable battery, as well as wall and USB chargers. There are also seven different nicotine cartridges that come in the kit. A carrying case, and a box to display your cigarette is also included. There is an instruction manual of twenty pages that will give you almost any information you need about your electronic cigarette. This kit will be your first step in enjoying your new lifestyle.


Begin Vaping With Power E Cigs


How do I get it to work?

Using our Power Electronic Cigarette is very easy. There are 2 main components to the Power E-Cig:
• The battery
• The cartridge

Step One
Unpack the contents from the starter kit and select your flavored cartridge of choice.

Step Two
Screw the cartridge into the battery until fastened securely. Like So:

Step Three 
Once you complete this process, take the Power E-Cig, hold it up to your mouth and take a few puffs through the cartridge. Make sure to inhale a few times to produce the maximum vapor. Congratulations, You Made the Switch! Don’t forget to connect your USB and your battery together so you can charge your E-Cig.

A Few Important Reminders: 
• Keep in mind that there is no need to turn it on or off.
• The electric cigarette has a built in sensor which activates when you inhale. This means that it is only on when it is actually being inhaled!
• Don’t worry about having to remember to turn it off.
• If your electronic cigarette is not producing any vapor make sure to check that your cartridge is screwed in tightly. It is possible that the cartridge is running low.
• Try replacing the cartridge with another one when the vapor released by your cartridge reduces. This is usually an indication that the nicotine (if applicable) in the cartridge is running out.

• The battery will last for approximately one day with normal use. Make sure your battery is fully charged by charging your battery at night or during the day when not in use.



For more tips on how to get started with your Power Electronic Cigarette please visit us at www.powerecigs.com/ or contact us at our direct telephone at 1-800-632-8592 or via email at info@powerecigs.com, we are always available for our customers.

Happy Earth Day

In our evenings in the beach we might not see many littered items. This is all thanks to the people that participate in volunteering events to try and keep our beaches clean. Here at Power E Cigs we are very fortunate to be near the beaches so we take pride in keeping them clean. This is why we have gathered our our staff members to volunteer in a monthly beach cleanup. We are trying to collect the most littered item that is very familiar with current smokers and non-smokers. We see this little item everyday even if we do not smoke. Let’s take the pledge to stop littering and help our community and ourselves by helping to cleanup our Earth in hope to decrease the amount of garbage that ends up in our landfills polluting our environment. Recycle Power


Happy Tax Day!


uncle sam

Today is Tax Day, a day all the post office get filled of taxpayers trying to send the income tax paperwork in post-marked for Today. Hoping that they do not get charged with a filing penalty. There are many options available to fill out your taxes.


In 1913 Tax Day, or the filing deadline, was fixed on March 1. However, it was moved to March 15 in 1918 and April 15 in 1955, where it has remained since then. If April 15 falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a civil holiday, such as Patriot’s Day, the deadline is extended to the next working day. An extension due to a holiday may only affect certain states. In 2007, the residents of some states were granted an extension due to the disruption to public life in many areas caused by a huge Nor’easter storm. In some years in Washington DC, Emancipation Day may be the reason to extend the deadline for filing an income tax return (Tax Day). In 2007, the observance Emancipation Day in Washington DC had the effect of nationally extending the 2006 income tax filing deadline from April 16 to April 17. This 2007 date change was not discovered until after many forms went to print.clock

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Power E Cigs at TORTUGA!

Hey Vapers,


Are you looking for an alternative to smoking? Have you been curious about the new Power e-cigarettes everyone has been talking about? Let me share with you some of the reasons why our e-cigarettes are becoming so popular.

Our e-cigarettes don’t burn, relieving you and those around you from this specific danger while you enjoy the satisfying taste and tranquility of your Power e-cigarette. E-cigarettes also mainly contain only nicotine compared to the numerous mixtures of harmful chemicals you are inhaling when smoking regular cigarettes.
We offer seven different flavors including the traditional tobacco flavor. Smoking has never been this fun and satisfying.

Great vape

With our Power E-Cigs, you can smoke in many public areas where traditional smoking is not allowed and enjoy the convenience on top of everything else our e-cigarettes have to offer. We have a starter kit available that includes everything you need to get started. Our starter kit includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery, five flavored cartridges of your choice, USB charger, wall charger, designer display box, soft-touch hard plastic travel case, instruction manual, and even a limited lifetime warranty.

Everything you need to get started, plus we’ve got you covered! We’re just that confident that you will love our products. We also offer a Power E-Cigs Super Kit, car chargers, and Power E-Cig disposable electronic cigarettes that are available in rich tobacco and cool menthol. Smoking doesn’t have to be an expensive habit, one of our Power E-Cig cartridges is equivalent to 2-2 1/2 packs of cigarettes. You’ll find that our E-cigarettes are much more affordable than regular cigarettes and our price compared with the quality of our e-cigarettes are unbeatable!

When looking for where to buy E-Cigs, you can now do it from the comfort of your home. You can conveniently buy our electronic cigarettes online at http://www.powerecig.com. We take pride in our e-cigarettes and overall quality, and would love to have the pleasure of serving you today in your life-changing transition.

If you happen to be in the Ft. Lauderdale Beach area this weekend, don’t miss out on Tortuga Music Festival. It will be fun in the sun  with Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Hank Williams, Jr., Dierks Bentley + More! The most important , is that you will be enjoying your Power Ecig. With the Power E- Cigs you can enjoy the sinful pleasures of life vaping your stylish ecig anywhere and wherever you desire.

With the Power E- Cigs you can enjoy the sinful pleasures of life vaping your stylish ecig anywhere and wherever you desire.