Do your Batteries last?

Electronic cigarettes are rapidly growing in popularity. People are quickly realizing that e-cigarettes provide all of the enjoyment of normal cigarettes without any of the negative health effects . But what really is this ecig. What powers it?. The answers is the battery.

It is important to make sure your battery is always charged. When the red light at the top of the device starts flashing that indicates that the battery is low and needs to be recharged.

To charge your battery, screw the battery into the usb or wall charger and plug the charger in the outlet. The tip will light up when it is fully charged.

The battery will last for approximately one day with normal use. Make sure your battery is fully charged by charging your battery at night or during the day when not in use.

The Power ECigs product lineup is based around the 510 e-cigarette, a model that’s generally considered a good compromise between small size and lengthy battery life. With a maximum charge capacity of 180 mAh, you can expect the Power ECig battery to last up to 100 puffs between charges. 

The Power E-Cigs Electronic Cigarette is designed for its handy style, feel, and same size to a traditional cigarette. With each puff the red LED lights up and will quickly flash red signaling that it’s time to recharge. Our Power E-Cig batteries are top of the line batteries, you can’t go wrong with the Power E-Cig battery extra!








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