The Use of an Electronic Cigarette

Have you been searching for an alternative to smoking cigarettes containing tobacco? Are you frustrated with the increasing number of public places that ban the use of tobacco products? Even at home the concerns of second hand smoke have motivated smokers to smoke outside, no matter what the weather, or time of day. With the cost of cigarettes steadily increasing, smoking can also take a big bite out of your budget. If you have been looking for an end to the frustrations of smoking traditional cigarettes, the Power Electronic Cigarette is an alternative.second-hand-smoke

The Power Electronic Cigarette, or e-cig, can be used where tobacco products are prohibited. When smoking a Power E-cig, you inhale a vapor containing nicotine, and exhale a vapor mist. Since the Power E-cig is battery operated, no combustion takes place, eliminating the burnt tobacco and paper associated with traditional cigarettes. The battery operated e-cig also eliminates the cost and aggravation of buying, and keeping up with, lighters or matches. There is no hassle of remembering to turn it off; the Power E-cig is on only when you are inhaling. As you inhale, a sensor activates and a red LED light at the end of the e-cig comes on.

The Power E-cig is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cord for home charging, and a handy car charger, so the Power E-cig is always be ready for use. A carrying case is provided for convenient storage of the e-cigarette, charging cord and cartridges. Each Power E-cig cartridge lasts the same as one and a half to two packs of tobacco cigarettes, and six taste satisfying flavors are offered in addition to the traditional classic tobacco flavor. You can savor hints of menthol, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, cherry and blueberry while enjoying a tobacco free smoke break.

Visit the website and start saving with the Power Electronic Cigarette Premium starter kit. A cost savings calculator is provided to show how you could save thousands of dollars yearly by switching from tobacco cigarettes to the Power E-cig. Customer service is of utmost importance at and, when you place an order, a confirmation e-mail is sent. When your order ships, an e-mail providing a tracking number is sent so you can track the status of your order. The dedication to customer satisfaction at, is evident in the thirty day, money-back satisfaction guarantee, and the lifetime warranty provided with Power E-cigs.

” The Power Is In Your Hands”

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